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    Forgetting Your Best Friends’ Names, And 17 Other Things That All British Dads Do

    Is your dad even British if he doesn’t force you to get to the airport at least half a day before your flight?

    1. Forget the names of every single one of your friends – even though he’s known them for over 10 years.

    Why do dads not remember ur friends name they rlly be like “u still talk to ur friend who got that brick house with one pine tree out front and her fav colour is blue and her hair always up…? “ LIKE ?!!?

    Twitter: @allyladdd

    But he has no problem remembering the names, birthdays, and backgrounds of every past and present football player on his favourite team.

    2. Tell you to “ask your mum” for every minor decision.

    "mum, dad asked me to ask you if I can have another J2O?" #loveIsland

    Twitter: @TheMaccAttacc

    I think we can all agree that going to your mum after being dismissed by your dad is the real walk of shame.

    3. Pretend to hate soap operas but secretly love them.

    4. And watch the majority of TV shows like this.

    Lmao why all dads watch tv like this bruh

    Twitter: @plzpeeaftersex

    5. Make the whole family head to the airport several hours before the flight.

    my dad telling me: me why i need to get to the airport 4 hrs early:

    Twitter: @acirellis

    Is your dad even British if he doesn’t force you to get to the airport at least half a day before your flight?

    6. And plan the trip down to the very last detail.

    7. Ask ‘if your friend jumps off a cliff would you?’ when they’re not happy with your decision-making skills.

    8. Have very strong opinions about England's motorways.

    Twitter: @tippibeveridge

    And even stronger opinions about which exits to take.

    9. And a love–hate relationship with the GPS.

    Why do dads think they can out smart a gps

    Twitter: @SeanRauchut

    One thing about British dads, they’re going to challenge every single thing the GPS tells them to do. And even if the GPS guides them somewhere perfectly, they'll still argue that they could've gotten there faster without it.

    10. Not reveal who they voted for in the general elections.

    11. Have a serious BBQ obsession.

    Why do dads take grilling so seriously?

    Twitter: @misss_jaye

    Even though it's sunny like seven days out of the year…

    12. Not turn the heating on until it’s practically snowing outside.

    When you ask your dad if you can turn on the heating and he says to just put another layer on

    Twitter: @Rachel_ORiordan

    They’d rather have you wear a coat, scarf, and gloves indoors than put the heating on before December.

    13. Constantly complain about the amount of hot water being used.

    Me:Steps in shower Dad:Stop using all the hot water Me:Umm im pretty sure I just got in Dad:You've been in there for a while now Me:I have?

    Twitter: @Mc_DeliciousD33

    British dads take hot water usage very personally and unfortunately, that’s something you have to learn the hard way.

    14. And the number of lights on in the house.

    *leaves one light on* my brain: don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it dad: it's like Blackpool illuminations in here

    Twitter: @dailybrooklyn99

    If you exit a room without turning the light off you can guarantee your dad will have something to say about it.

    15. Literally never buy new clothes.

    16. With the exception of socks.

    The older I get the more I understand my dad's sock collection

    Twitter: @andrea_99c

    British dads might not have the most varied wardrobes but they don’t mess about when it comes to their socks. Some people collect antiques, British dads collect socks…

    17. Make sure someone brings home a newspaper everyday.

    Twitter: @graymeeofficial

    So they can spend their evening filling out the latest crossword.

    18. Spend every spare moment at the local pub.