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    Posted on Aug 24, 2017

    20 Inspiring Drag Queens You Should Follow If You Love Makeup

    Are you ready to get out there and try something new? This inspiring makeup looks will be the source of inspiration you desperately crave. Keep reading to find out which 20 drag queens you should follow on Instagram for their amazing makeup skills.

    1. Alexis Stone

    2. Eva Young

    3. The Villbergs

    4. Wednesday Westwood

    5. Ellis Atlantis

    6. Chloe Waldorf

    7. Halessia Rockefeller

    8. Cheddar Gorgeous

    12. Tiggythorn

    13. Plastique Tiara

    15. Gott Mik

    16. Ryan Burke

    17. Ivana Vodka

    18. Lady B MUAH

    19. Imp Queen

    20. D-shock

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