Canadians Are Sharing American TV Tropes That Make No Sense And They Are 100% Right

    "What did homecoming even mean? Where were they that they had to come home and have a party?"

    One thing about being Canadian: you're gonna have to consume a lot of American media, whether you like it or not!

    To this point, u/yll95 recently asked: "As a Canadian, we grew up watching almost exclusively U.S.-based TV shows and movies. What are some things that are so prevalent in TV that you expected them to be prevalent in Canada too?"

    1. "High school football coach being a full time job."

    2. "Homecoming football games being something important."


    "Football games having an audience."


    3. "High school cheerleaders wearing their cheerleader uniforms all day, every day, as if it's the only clothes they own."

    4. "Being able to just walk out onto the roof of your apartment building to gaze at the city, no locked door stopping you."


    5. "The shoes indoors for sure."

    6. Speaking of Schitt's Creek, "I cringed when Jocelyn referred to her social insurance number as her "social". No, Jocelyn. We don't use that term here."

    7. "I don’t think I expected it in Canada necessarily, but all the students eat school lunches from a school cafeteria in US movies/TV shows."


    "Canada is one of the only countries where elementary/primary schools don’t typically have cafeterias and/or food service."


    8. "Almost everyone seems to go away to college in US movies/shows, while most people I know (myself included) lived at home while attending University in Canada."

    9. "Heck, lockers OUTSIDE in some of the more southern states. I did a double-take the first time I saw that. :)"


    10. "I expected there to be a Sadie Hawkins dance and was very relieved when there wasn’t."

    11. "High school cliques are a way bigger thing in the US (or at least in TV) than here. There were popular/party kids sure but they didn’t rule the school or anything and for the most part, people at my high school just stuck to their friends without much inter-group conflict, nobody was shoving people into lockers or making the 'nerds' lives miserable."

    12. "There seemed to be a lot of showering at school on tv/movies…but only saw one guy do it regularly, and he wore a bathing suit…in 4 yrs of H.S. football and basketball and never saw anyone use the shower."


    13. "That all American teens had cars. I didn't have a car. I had a bus pass."

    Well, what do you think? If you're a Canadian, do these ring true? And if you're an American... have YOU ever seen the lockers that lock by themselves?!

    Please let us know in the comments below or over on TikTok and Instagram!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.