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    Before Olivia Rodrigo There Was Avril Lavigne: Here Are 11 Of The Most Iconic Looks From The Original Pop-Punk Princess In Honour Of Avril's 39th Birthday

    We, as a society, reeeallly don't talk enough about the fact that Avril Lavigne had a whole generation of preteen girls wearing ties on the day-to-day.

    Long before Olivia Rodrigo was spilling her grungey GUTS and scream-singing into the mic, Avril Lavigne was paving pop-punk's way into the mainstream. Just her and a tie against the world.

    Everything from Avril's hit single to her legendary aesthetic and her attitude-filled persona reminded us who she was: COMPLICATED!

    Well, guess who’s little birthday it is today? Say it. Out loud…Avril Ramona Lavigne. In honour of her 39th birthday, here are 11 of Avril's most iconic moments and looks that defined pop culture as we know it:

    The math on that, btw is 39 = her age, divided by 3 = the number of times I saw Miss Thing perform live in concert from the years 2004–2013, and then subtract 2 = the number of times Avril has been married and divorced to a famous Canadian rocker (i.e. Deryck Whibley from Sum 41 and Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, of course). 

    1. The "Complicated" music video.

    Avril Lavigne smiles behind the microphone in the music video for Complicated.

    2. Her debut appearance at the MTV Music Awards in 2002 solidified her signature style: low-rise cargo pants, a stack of studded bracelets, and the loose neck tie.

    Avril Lavgine poses with her MTV Music Award wearing a tie with the Canadian flag on it

    3. When she defined what it means to be a "rock chick."

    Screenshot of "avril lavigne on being a 'rock chick'"

    4. He was a boy. She was a girl (wearing a green graphic t-shirt, capri skate pants with a chain, and even a tie). Can I make it literally anymore obvious?

    5. Performing at the Jingle Ball in 2002 in an asymmetrical Dickies cropped tank top and a belt buckle that read "CAUTION: BIOHAZARD."

    Avril Lavigne moving on stage, holding a microphone, wearing a black cropped tank top.

    6. Following the success of Let Go, Avril was nominated for five awards at the 2003 Grammy Awards and she took the opportunity to make yet another fashion statement.

    7. Breaking the internet in 2004 with Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley in Central Park.

    Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley walk in the park.

    8. This outfit she wore to lip sync to her own iconic song, "What The Hell" in this TikTok during the Bite Me tour in 2022.

    It's giving orange and black spooky-inspired, goth cheerleader with the matching creamsicle orange tips of her now-signature blond hair. I also just love the pink beach chair set-up behind her. Like within the massive parking garage. It all goes hard af.

    9. Release of The Best Damn Thing album cover and the "Girlfriend" music video changed the game for me and millions of other women in 2007.

    10. Another fashion statement that Avril has consistently championed despite facing adversity from the rest of the fashion world: an animal print jacket (2008-2022).

    11. And finally, Avril's emo spikey crown from the 2013 Much Music Video Awards represents Avril's forever title as the original Princess of Pop-Punk!

    Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne on the MMVAs red carpet.

    Well, how did Avril impact YOU? Were you tie, mini skirt, or streaky pink highlights? Let us know in the comments below or over on TikTok and Instagram!