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16 LA Struggles That "La La Land" Perfectly Captured

Less traffic, more Ryan Gosling plz. Until then, rent La La Land on iTunes to relive your favorite LA moments!

1. When you meet someone you like but find out they live on the other side of town:

2. When you find out it's going to rain tomorrow:

3. When an impatient driver honks at you for absolutely no reason:

4. When bottomless brunch goes until nightfall:

5. When you're the first person to jump into the pool at the pool party:

6. When all your friends start moving to the Valley:

7. When you've made plans to go out in DTLA but you can't pull yourself off the couch to start the journey:

8. When you have an overly friendly Lyft driver and know it's going to be a long ride:

9. When you need to drive back from the Westside, but it's rush hour, so...

10. When your friends are always trying to pitch you their "next big project":

11. When you show off the Griffith Observatory to out-of-towners for the millionth time:

12. When there's traffic as far as the eye can see...but you embrace it and blast your favorite music:

13. When you're trying desperately to swipe right on a real person and not a headshot:

14. When you legitimately don't know if your friend is talking about an audition or a date:

15. When you walk up to a celebrity in a bar, even though you have no clue what you want to say:

16. When you go on a great walk and fall in love with your city all over again:

You and LA — it's a beautiful love story. And so is La La Land, now now available for rent on iTunes!

All images courtesy of Lionsgate.