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11 Awards Show Party Appetizers That Will Win In Every Category

Reach for the stars -- and a few extra napkins -- with these deliciously award-worthy recipes. Be sure to see your favorite stars as you snack with iTunes movies' wide selection of nominated films.

1. Go for a slice of gold with tomato basil pizza rolls.

2. Snag a standing ovation for serving this white wine and mushroom bruschetta.

3. Let your pita chips play a supporting role to some spinach artichoke hummus.

4. Take home a technical award with these elegant enchilada cups.

5. Whip up this garlic bread with kale pesto for a real scene-stealer.

6. Cream the competition with this hot caprese dip.

7. Put on one thoroughly saucy performance with some cauliflower cakes and creamy cilantro dressing.

8. Serve up an award-worthy symphony of fruit and flavor with roasted grape and rosemary flatbreads.

9. Let these cranberry and brie bites steal the show.

10. Remake a classic with some garlic Parmesan dill popcorn.

11. Devour an incredibly cheesy performance from these herbed goat cheese balls.

Still want more after all these apps? Be sure to get a healthy dose of your fave award-nominated films, available today on iTunes movies.