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13 Cute Animal GIFs To Console You When Your Movie Doesn’t Win

Maybe your favorites didn’t win the golden statue, so you could use a pick-me-up. These adorable animals can help, and they might even snuggle up for your next movie night with the newest iTunes movies.

1. Lord Barkington is just as shocked as you are that the movie didn't win. That was almost as fascinating as this pumpkin.

2. Let's face it: Your movie should have won. The others stunk worse than the McEllery twins.

3. The only thing more daring than your favorite film was Mittens' assault on Snowball's face.

4. Your favorite actor got snubbed, and Edna is just as bummed as you are.

5. Harold's here to make you feel better about the loss, and he's willing to walk up and slide down this ramp all day long until you do.

6. Bad news: Your girl didn't win Best Supporting Actress. Good news: Teacup's prepared a dance number to make you feel better.

7. Noodle has some shopping therapy planned to make you feel better about your favorite movie getting passed over.

8. You'll forget all about who won "best original screenplay" when you see that Admiral Whiskers is stuck in a sandal.

9. It's crazy that the costuming in that one movie was totally ignored. Don't worry, though: Reginald's get-up will help your mood.

10. It sucks that your favorite documentary didn't win, but we can all agree that the most overlooked doc was Sophia Longs for her Tennis Ball.

11. Honestly, they should be giving gold statues to Toby and Frederick for their parkour routine.

12. Yes, that one director should have won, but Molly thinks a nice boat ride will help you OMG A DOLPHIN!

13. Who cares how many awards your movie won or didn't win? The whole Buttonwillow family loved it, and they can't wait to watch it again with you.

Rewatch your favorite iTunes movies with your best friends, be they furry or otherwise.