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11 Signs You’re Infected With FOMO

Got any of these symptoms? You might have FOMO! Texting and keeping up with friends is fun, but when you're behind the wheel, it can wait. Use #X before getting on the road to let friends know that you’re driving and can't respond.

FOMO (foʊ-moʊ)

Acronym for: Fear of Missing Out

An ailment where one becomes concerned that he or she might miss satisfying social events.

1. Fear of being home on a Friday night.

2. Itching need to attend every party.

3. Unable to peel hands or eyes away from phone.

4. Innate ability to know all of your friends’ plans at any given moment.

5. Going out, even when sick.

6. Always caught up with TV and movies (to be ready to talk about them).

7. Compulsion to refresh Instagram.

8. Mastery of taking pictures of everything.

9. Having an oversaturated social calendar.

10. Constant imagining of missing the BEST things.

11. Addiction to texting.

Pause all your conversations before you drive by texting #X to your friends to let them know you're driving and can't respond.

You'll be safer, and THEY'LL be the ones who are missing out on wherever you're driving to! ;)