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Cheap Vacation Tips

My biggest tip of all: Traveling the world is a luxury that CAN BE afforded by almost anyone. Simply follow this guide!

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3. When to go and How long to stay?


A four day trip is ideal. Day one and four are dedicated to you traveling to and from the destination. Day two and three; for exploring.

Flights are drastically cheaper on weekdays and low peak tourist seasons which run from September throughout November and February through April/May.

4. Where to stay?

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All you need is a clean, comfortable and safe place to stay. You're barely going to be at the lodging. I usually rely on Airbnb for the cheapest find possible. Find lodging that is close to restaurants, pharmacies, malls etc.

5. How to minimize cost when I arrive?


You're going to need some mode of transportation. Rent a car for day two and three of the trip. If not, use your discretion in using public transportation. It may be cheaper, but may cost you time. Your stay here is very short, you want to maximize your time as much as possible.

Another trick to minimize costs is cooking. As soon as possible, get to the nearest grocery store. Buy food items and snacks that would prevent you from paying (in some cases) exorbitant prices for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6. What to do with the extra money?


This is the fun part of cutting unnecessary costs. Go out and explore, spend it all on experiences.

Hopefully you find these tips useful for your next trip. Feel free to share your own tips and tricks in reducing costs for a cheap, fulfilling vacation.

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