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    Turns Out Walter White Is Alive And Working As A Bus Driver In B.C.

    He is the one who stops.

    This is Bill Laird. He drives the 135 bus in Burnaby, British Columbia, which services the Simon Fraser University campus. He also happens to look a lot like Walter White.



    Laird told BuzzFeed Canada that friends have pointed out his resemblance to TV's most infamous meth dealer. But he become famous for it after someone uploaded a photo of him to the popular SFU Confessions page on Facebook.

    "And it just sort of took off from there," he said.

    Laird's photo quickly became a meme on campus before spreading around the internet. He said his son even found it in a British newspaper.

    Laird doesn't mind the comparison. He is a huge Breaking Bad fan, and he even grew a goatee after seeing how good it looked on Bryan Cranston's character. "I thought, 'I like that. I could do that.'"

    Bill Laird

    Laird also has the hat, which he wore on his route for some time until his bosses told him to stop. (He says he's had the bald head and the glasses for much longer.)

    Laird's odd internet fame has also started to encroach on his real life. Laird said he gets recognized all the time and students now often greet him as "Mr. White" or "Heisenberg" when they see him, or ask him if he has any blue candy.

    But it's not just his looks that have made him famous among students. He's also known for being exceedingly friendly, greeting all his passengers and wishing them a nice day. The student newspaper The Peak called Laird "the nicest bus driver" at SFU.

    Bill Laird

    Laird, now 62, has been a bus driver for 25 years and he says he absolutely loves his job, which might explain why he's so easygoing.

    "Driving the bus is easy, you just turn the wheel," Laird said.

    "The big part is getting along with people, and I’ve never had an issue with that. As I say, treat people the way you would want them to treat you.”

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