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    Most Of Those "White Student Union" Facebook Pages For Canadian Universities Are Probably Fake

    White supremacists have launched dozens of fake "White Student Union" pages at American and Canadian campuses.

    A new group calling itself the "UBC White Student Union" launched this week.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: UBC

    A Facebook page for the group popped up claiming that white students at the University of British Columbia face discrimination and need to band together to fight for their interests. The UBC White Student Union has no website, contact information, or any other information publicly available.

    “From what I’ve seen it seems to be fake,” the school's student body president Aaron Bailey told BuzzFeed Canada, adding that no such group has applied for recognition as a campus club.

    “I have every reason to believe that it's not UBC students behind this.”

    Numerous similar Facebook pages have appeared for campuses across North America, including at least four Canadian universities.


    As pointed out in a widely-shared post on Medium, these pages appear to be in response to a call to action on the white supremacist site The Daily Stormer. On Nov. 21, the site's founder Andrew Anglin urged his readers to start as many pages as possible to troll news outlets.

    Make more of these White Student Union pages on Facebook for various universities. You don't have to go there. Make one for Dartmouth, Princeton, etc.

    Go, do it now. If they won't let it on Facebook, put it on tumblr or wordpress or whatever. Get it up, then forward links to the local media.

    Just fill it up with pro-White memes and "we've had enough of these people" rhetoric.

    Extra points if you actually go to the school.

    As of Monday, there are dozens of these "White Student Union" groups that only seem to exist as Facebook pages. Almost all of them are only a few days old, and some even have identical mission statements.

    Facebook / Via

    The UBC page's administrator repeatedly refused BuzzFeed Canada's request to speak on the phone, insisting on conducting any interview over Facebook chat.

    "We have received threats of death and physical violence against our families — ie, there is no way we are giving out personal phone numbers," wrote the admin, claiming to be a 21-year-old male student in his third year at UBC.

    He said the group has 29 members who comprise both current and former UBC students.

    "We are currently determining how to operate in the case that the administration decides to discriminate against white student groups and in a way which can ensure member safety," he said.

    This is not the first time a so-called white students union has claimed to be active on a Canadian campus. Posters for a white students union popped up in Toronto in September, and were linked to a group that had been active on campus for two years. / Via

    The Students for Western Civilisation, which took credit for the Toronto posters, appears to be unrelated to the raft of new Facebook pages calling for white student unions.


    Breitbart Tech reports it was able to speak with the UBC page administrator by phone and confirm “beyond a shadow of a doubt” his identity as a current student at the university. The site identifies him by the pseudonym "Rajesh" and describes him as "a South Asian student."

    BuzzFeed Canada cannot independently verify the identity of the page administrator.