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People Protested At Tim Hortons Locations Across Canada Over Wages And Benefits

"People before profit."

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After news of some Tim Hortons owners cutting tips, paid breaks, and health benefits, people are protesting for fair wages at more than 50 locations across Canada.

The benefit cuts came after Ontario increased its minimum wage from $11.40 to $14, with several franchises explicitly blaming the increase in wages for the cutbacks.

Owners of three Tim Hortons locations outside Toronto even told their employees to "not vote Liberal in the coming Ontario election."

The protests aren't just taking place in Ontario, though. People are demonstrating from coast to coast.

Over 50 actions across Canada today calling for decent wages & working conditions #15andFairness &…

Friday's National Day of Action was organized by the progressive advocacy group LeadNow, the Ontario Federation of Labour, and the Fight for $15 and Fairness campaign.

These people protested outside the first Tim Hortons store ever opened, located in Hamilton, Ontario.

The early morning crew at the #IStandWithTimHortonsWorkers information picket at Tim Horton's Store #1 on Ottawa St…

These people marched through the streets of Halifax.

Marching for a $15 minimum wage - it’s time. #nspoli #cdnpoli #FightFor15 #15andFairness…

There was plenty of chanting.

"Double Double" "Here for trouble!" "Donuts" "No cuts! #canlab #onpoli #cdnpoli #TimHortons…

And people pointed out how much those at the top are making.

"In 2016, the CEO of Tim Hortons parent company, Restaurant Brands International, made over $6 million in salary &…

Daniel Schwartz is the CEO of Restaurant Brands International, which also owns Burger King and Popeyes. With stock options and other perks, his total compensation is over $6 million.

The company itself reported increased revenue and profits in 2017, but many franchise owners say the windfall is at their expense.

"People before profit."

@TimHortons People before profit #15andFairness #IStandWithTimHortonsWorkers

BuzzFeed Canada has reached out to Tim Hortons for comment.

The company previously admonished franchise owners for punitive cuts to workers' benefits, saying such actions "do not reflect the values of our brand."

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