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    This Kid Had The Best Pose When A Humpback Whale Breached The Water Right Behind Him

    Nice shot!

    This 11-year-old whale watcher was totally ready for his close-up when a humpback whale breached the water right behind him.

    Nootka Wilderness Lodge / Via Facebook: nootkawildernesslodge

    According to CBC News, Dawson Gage was coming back from a fishing trip off the coast of Vancouver Island when the whale gave him this once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

    The family's fishing guide was recording a video when the whale came by, and Gage turned around and flashed a big grin at the perfect moment.

    That's some quick thinking!

    Nootka Wilderness Lodge / Via Facebook: video.php

    Video of the epic photobomb has been viewed more than 30,000 times, and people are loving it.

    Nootka Wilderness Lodge / Via Facebook: video.php

    Brian Gage, Dawson's father, told CBC that it's common to see whales in the area. But seeing a full breach is pretty rare.

    "We shut the engine off and just got to watch him come out of the water about three or four times and make his way toward the open ocean," he said. "It was pretty exhilarating."

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