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Bad News, Parents: You Probably Can't Make Your Kid's Name An Emoji In Canada

Sorry, Pizza Daro. You'll have to spell out your name like all the other kids.

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If you use a smartphone and exist as a person on the internet in 2015, you probably use emoji. They're fun, versatile, and great for conveying complicated ideas.

But despite all the joy emoji bring into our lives, you're still not allowed to use them in naming your baby. We asked the Ontario government whether emoji are acceptable characters and they told us no.

That's according to Ontario's Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

We also asked agencies in other provinces about their rules on baby names. So far only Saskatchewan and Alberta have gotten back to us, and the answer was the same. Names can only use characters from the Roman alphabet.

Sorry, folks. Looks like you can't name your baby 🎷 or 🍕 just yet.

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