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Someone Made A Toronto Raptors Parody Of "The Office" Credits And It's Soooo Good

Who are the Jim and Pam of the Raptors?

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If you love The Office and you love the Toronto Raptors, this parody of the opening credits is for you.

Someone extremely creative made a parody of "The Office" opening with the Toronto Raptors, and it's probably the greatest thing I've seen all year.

The loving tribute to the team was made by Reddit user 905UserNotFound.

"I had to make one for the best Raptors squad in history," they said.

Fans have made similar videos for other teams, but this is clearly the best one.

People are loving the Office video.

The word is often overused these days, but this is truly amazing!

It's bringing everyone together.

The internet is a beautiful place.

And it's a good reminder that YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING THE RAPTORS!

This is amazing, and if you're not watching the #raptors right now then SHAME ON YOU. #wethenorth #rtznation north/EVERYTHING

Seriously, they are absolutely killing it this season.

Remember: There's always more room on the bandwagon.

The best part of this video is how many people are saying they're Toronto Raptors fans now because of it. There's still room on our bandwagon, folks.

The Raptors.

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