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These South African Firefighters Arrived In Canada And Immediately Burst Into Song


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Canadians are falling in love with these South African firefighters. About 300 of them just landed in Edmonton on the way to help battle the province's forest fires around Fort McMurray.

Working on Fire / Facebook

And the first thing they did was to break into song at the airport.

Get ready #YMM. These firefighters are coming your way! #YEG

The firefighters are part of Working On Fire, a South African job-creation program that trains young people from marginalized communities to fight wildfires.

South African soldier dance in #yeg. 300 ready for #ymmfire. One of the coolest things I've ever seen. @ctvedmonton

Working On Fire previously sent 24 firefighters to help with wildfires in British Columbia in 2015. The 301 firefighters currently in Alberta represent the program's largest deployment ever.

Canadians are definitely smitten.

shout out to all the south africans firefighters here to help us, thats so amazing and kind

Luv the scene of the South African firefighters singing and dancing upon arrival

We join all Canadians in thanking @wo_fire for sending their fire experts to #ABwildfires #ymmfire @CIFFC

Some displaced Fort McMurray residents even met the firefighters at the airport to welcome them to Canada.

#ymm residents here to welcome 300 South African firefighters to #yeg and #ymmfire. @ctvedmonton @FlyEIA

And lots of South Africans are expressing pride in their firefighters.

Black South Africans love singing, our firefighters are already singing for the Canadian fires

These are moments that make you proud to be South African!


Albertans don't agree on much lately but judging by the Internet today we can all agree the South African firefighters are BADASS

Amen. 🇿🇦 🇨🇦

Here's the full video of the firefighters singing and dancing their way into people's hearts.

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