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    People Think "The Simpsons" Predicted Trump's Win But It's Not True

    A viral image claiming the show called the 2016 electoral map has nothing to do with Trump.

    A claim that The Simpsons not only foresaw Donald Trump's run for president but also predicted which states he'd carry is making the rounds online. But that claim is wrong.

    Versions of The Simpsons "prediction" have already gotten hundreds of thousands of shares on Facebook and Twitter.

    According to this now-viral meme, The Simpsons apparently predicted all the way back in 2000 that Trump would launch a presidential bid by descending an escalator at Trump Tower.

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    The show did have a joke in an episode from that year about how Lisa Simpson would become president after "President Trump" left the economy in ruin. But the image above comes from a 2015 video specifically mocking Trump's announcement that he was running for president.

    So far from predicting Trump's candidacy, producers were in fact reacting to it because it had already happened.

    As for predicting the electoral map, that image has nothing to do with Trump.

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    The image comes from a 2012 video in which Mr. Burns "endorsed" Mitt Romney.

    Even judged against the actual results from Trump's win, you can see some differences. For example, the Simpsons map was blue for Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio — all states that went red for Trump.