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A Clothing Store Fired An Employee After She Had A Severe Allergic Reaction

Danielle Duperreault said her boss ignored her as she went into anaphylactic shock.

This woman says she had a severe allergic reaction at work and had to be rushed to the hospital. And in the ambulance, just as her throat was swelling shut, she received a text message telling her she'd been fired.

Danielle Duperreault / Via

Danielle Duperreault wrote on Facebook earlier this week about getting fired from the clothing store Urban Planet in Saskatoon.

"And you all would probably think it would be over tardiness or not doing my job and so on and forth," Duperreault wrote. "But today I came into contact with bell peppers, something I am severely allergic to."

As Duperreault went into anaphylactic shock, she said she called a manager for help, but the manager didn't call an ambulance and seemed annoyed by the whole thing.

"She proceeded to show a tremendous amount of attitude, I did not have an epi pen on me at the time because mine was expired and I needed to get a prescription for a new one. So she told me to go look in my car then proceeded to of wander off. Meanwhile I'm getting fainty and I'm vomiting, I went out to my car and searched for one but no luck. So I go back into the store, gurgling and clutching my throat while customers and a few staff around me were freaking out and that same manager stood calmly at the computer typing away."

Duperreault wrote that she was met in the parking lot by a friend who also worked at that Urban Planet store. The friend immediately sprung into action and drove her to a clinic, where she got a shot of epinephrine. She was then taken by ambulance to a hospital.

CTV Saskatoon / Via

Duperreault told CTV Saskatoon that she has several life-threatening allergies. She usually has an EpiPen with her, but on this day she didn't.

"The doctors said if I would have waited another ten minutes I would be dead," Duperreault later wrote on Facebook.

This is the text Duperreault received from her manager, telling her that she would no longer have any shifts at Urban Planet.

Danielle Duperreault / Via

The friend and co-worker who had helped Deperreault got a similar text telling her she'd been fired.

Deperreault asked her friends to share her Facebook post to raise awareness about the risk of allergies in the workplace.

"There should be training on how to administer an epi pen, how to handle a situation like that, and how to deal with the aftermath."

Her post has now been shared more than 10,000 times.

Y.M. Inc. — the parent company of Urban Planet — told BuzzFeed Canada that the CEO has personally apologized to Duperreault for what happened.

"We have thoroughly investigated this. Simply put, the actions were unacceptable," a spokesperson said.

BuzzFeed Canada could not immediately reach Duperreault for comment, but she told CBC News the company was paying her until she found a new job.

"That's more than I could've asked for," she said.

Read Duperreault's full Facebook post:


This post has been updated with comment from the company.

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