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A Screaming Woman Behind A Restaurant Just Turned Out To Be A Parrot

"A lady thought she heard a girl screaming."

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Police in Brockville, Ontario, responded to a call Friday about a woman in distress behind a restaurant in the north end of town.


"A lady thought she heard a girl screaming," a Brockville police spokesperson told BuzzFeed Canada.

But police didn't find any women when they arrived.

Instead, it was a parrot screeching a number of human expressions it had learned, including what must have sounded like calls for help.


The parrot was being kept in a shed behind the restaurant, where it had been left by a restaurant employee until the end of his shift.

Police didn't have any more details, unfortunately. (Trust us: we asked.)

Parrots being mistaken for people is more common than you might think.


There are stories from around the world of police and emergency crews responding to calls that turn out just to be talkative tropical birds.

For example, in Connecticut last year, a woman called police after hearing what she thought was a child calling "Daddy, daddy, daddy!" Turns out it was a parrot.

Also last year, firefighters in Idaho showed up to a house after hearing people inside saying "Fire!" Again, just parrots — but in this case there really was a fire and the birds were actually calling for help!

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