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Read The Heartfelt Obituary For Christopher Hyndman Of "Steven And Chris"

"During his too short life, Christopher was our blazing comet, our Fire Horse."

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The family and friends of Christopher Hyndman published a moving obituary for the former co-host of CBC's Steven and Chris.

The obituary, published in the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail on Tuesday, memorializes Hyndman for his "charisma, his curiosity, wicked wit and that dazzling smile."


The 49-year-old was found dead on Aug. 3 in an alleyway behind his Toronto apartment. Police have not opened a criminal investigation, and Hyndman's mother told the Toronto Star he died in an "unfortunate accident" related to his sleepwalking.

Hyndman is survived by his partner of 27 years Steven Sabados, who was also his co-host on the CBC talk show.

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"From the moment I met Christopher, we went forward in life, side by side and shoulder to shoulder," Sabados wrote of his late husband on the Steven and Chris Facebook page. "He was my best friend, my confidante, my partner, my one love. Over 27 years, we built a beautiful life together; always remembered, always cherished."

Read the full obituary:

With shattered hearts, the family and friends of Christopher Hyndman are mourning the loss of our cherished "beautiful boy." With his lifelong partner Steven Sabados, Christopher shared an extraordinary 27 year adventure of laughter, fun, professional success but above all else, a magical unbending love.

In Christopher's world, beauty could be found everywhere; In the perfume of ocean air, in the cut of a suit, the construction of a high Louboutin heel, the harmonious design of a room or a simple meal prepared from scratch by Steven. Those who knew him best understood these truths.

Christopher's charisma, his curiosity, wicked wit and that dazzling smile — lit up rooms, elevated heavy hearts and because he and Steven understood, together, they had a profound influence and impact on so many. Christopher was always seeking to understand better the complexities of our human existence. Nothing gave him greater pleasure than knowing he had, in some way, shifted someone's life for the better, changed a rigid point of view, or showed a struggling teenager in a remote town somewhere in Canada, that being LGBTQ was cause for celebration and pride.

During his too short life, Christopher was our blazing comet, our Fire Horse. Now we know his fire and its power has not been extinguished.

For all of us who knew and loved him dearly, Christopher is with us in heart and spirit; now and forever.

Christopher is also survived by his mother Glenda Hyndman, his father Ted Purnell and a large extended family of relatives and friends.

Hyndman's family says a a "public celebration" of his life will take place at a later date.

In the meantime, they have asked people to consider donating to The Red Door family shelter or the Tommy Sexton Shelter, which provides services to people affected by HIV/AIDS or Hepititis C.

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