This Disgusting "Poutine" Served In New Jersey Is An Insult To All Canadians

    Are those...Kraft Singles???

    Brace yourself. You're about to see what happens when you try to order poutine in some parts of the world. Ready? OK go.

    Reddit / arisudoublezero / Via

    This disturbing image comes to us courtesy of redditor arisudoublezero.

    "This is what I get for ordering french fries, gravy, and cheese in NJ..." arisudoublezero wrote.

    People were appropriately horrified.


    Seriously, what did they do to those fries?


    It’s like they managed to shrink wrap it….


    Hi, can I get an order of microwaved Kraft singles, a tea spoon of instant-gravy and cold fries please?

    People are already planning the invasion.

    A Reddit user ordered poutine in NJ and this is what they got. This is a direct attack on Canadian culture and dese…

    "This is an act of war."

    Look, I can understand when people fake it and use shredded mozza for poutine. I get angry, but turn the other chee…

    Now, it could also be an example of "disco fries," a weird cousin of the noble poutine. But even disco fries aren't supposed to look this gross.

    @SheldonP @anik1968 I'm from New Jersey. Here are actual NJ disco fries. Please god do not make the mistake of thin…

    This is serious, folks!

    Forget NAFTA threats. This is what will end the friendship between Canada and the U.S.

    Friendship with USA ended. Now Norway is our best friend.

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