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    Ontario Is Considering Non-Binary Birth Certificates

    The province already issues gender-neutral health cards and drivers' licenses.

    The government of Ontario is considering the introduction of gender-neutral birth certificates as early as next year. The province already issues gender-neutral drivers' licenses and health cards.


    Tracey MacCharles, Ontario’s minister of government and consumer services, told The Canadian Press that the province would need to co-ordinate with other governments across Canada before any change is made.

    The province will work over the summer to make sure any changes to birth certificates are recognized in other Canadian jurisdictions, MacCharles said.

    The minister's statement comes after an Ontario-born filmmaker and activist pushed the province to recognize non-binary people in all government documentation.

    Brian Beard / THE CANADIAN PRESS

    Ferguson does not identify as male or female, and earlier this month they applied to have the sex designation on their birth certificate changed from male to non-binary.

    Ferguson told BuzzFeed Canada that they have not yet received a response from the government, and that having a non-binary option on Ontario birth certificates by 2018 is "not good enough."

    "I have a right to my birth certificate in the same time period as every other Canadian — within six weeks from my submission of the application," they said in an email. "My gender identity and gender expression are covered under Ontario law. I have a right to receive my non-binary birth certificate now, not next year."

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