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Cops Stopped Someone In Ontario Who Was Driving With A Foot Of Snow Covering His Windshield

The 80-year-old driver said he couldn't clear the snow by himself.

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The Ontario Provincial Police charged a driver for hitting the road with only a tiny patch of his windshield cleared. The rest of the car was still covered in a foot of snow.

"Can't make this stuff up," the OPP tweeted.
OPP / Via Twitter: @OPP_WR

"Can't make this stuff up," the OPP tweeted.

The police officer who pulled him over gave the driver a $110 ticket for driving without a clear view. But the driver had a pretty good excuse for why he didn't clear off more of his windshield.

OPP spokesperson James Stanley told BuzzFeed Canada the driver was an 80-year-old man from Brussels, Ontario.

"He said he was too old and weak to brush off the entire windshield," Stanley said.

The police officer helped the elderly man clear off the rest of his car before sending him on his way.

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