People Are Losing It Over This Game About Dating A Horse With A Human Face

    My Horse Prince is ruining people.

    Hello. If you're just joining us, you should know about My Horse Prince, a new mobile game about... dating a horse with a human face.

    You play a teen girl who's unlucky in love. So naturally you go to a ranch to meet hot dudes, and that's where you run into Yuuma the horse.

    This obviously leaves your character feeling conflicted and confused.

    People cannot deal with how weird this game is.

    My friend & I downloaded My Horse Prince as a joke & WTF IS GOING ON?? XD


    But it's so hard to resist.

    Things get pretty weird between you and the horse.

    What the fuck even is this game? Its weird as hell, like she dont even ask why the horse is in the house making bre…

    When you're not feeding Yuuma a million carrots...

    ...he's trying to kill you with green onion soup.

    He tried to choke me by feeding me green onions nonstop wtf????! #MyHorsePrince

    Is wanting to date a horse.... a thing?

    WTF is even happening in this game???

    #umapri oh my god just when you think there won't be anymore surprises

    The whole thing has a creepy vibe, probably on account of Yuuma being a literal abomination that's also low-key hitting on you.

    My Horse Prince is already destroying lives. This reviewer said she can't even look at her boyfriend anymore "without being bitter."

    And some people are already coming up with ways to make it even worse, like by swapping in Nicolas Cage's face for Yuuma's.

    New horrible dating sim idea: My Horse Prince, only the horse is Nic Cage.

    Although, let's be real: Who wouldn't play this version of the game?

    Honestly, nothing can prepare you for My Horse Prince. You'll just need to explore it on your own.