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    This Guy Drew A Unicorn With Music Notes, And It Actually Sounds Amazing

    "People love unicorns."

    Here's a unicorn drawn in notes on a music program, and it sounds just as magical as it looks. Go ahead, hit play.

    Enjoy a unicorn made out of music notes

    The unicorn is the creation of Andrew Huang, a Toronto-based YouTuber and musician. He told BuzzFeed News it took him about six hours to complete the project, and that the unicorn's mouth was the hardest part.

    "I had a very limited range of notes to work with to be able to faithfully recreate its shape, and most of the options I explored didn't sound very melodic," he said.

    Needless to say, it turned out really well. People are losing their shit over how good it sounds.


    @andrewismusic ok this is a new genre, this must not go away

    That horn, tho.

    @andrewismusic I can't deal with the chromatic rising of the unicorn horn, it's too much 😂 I also like the longer notes inside the ear

    There have been lots of comparisons to classic video game soundtracks, too.

    @mindofjonah @andrewismusic like an old N64 or GameCube game theme

    Huang said this was accidental. He said he drew his influence from baroque music, particularly Bach, and that he wouldn't be surprised if people who created classic video game scores did the same. The shape of the unicorn also "forced the genre choice to a large extent."

    "A lot of other types of music don't use these clustered flurries of notes in all possible registers, and for a drawing like this to work well it's extremely helpful to have a lot of note possibilities in both pitch and time," he said.

    Huang has even inspired others to try their hands at making MIDI art, like this puppy.

    Got so inspired by this 🦄video 👉 that I had to try it myself. So: A little puppy made out of…

    Huang's own inspiration for the unicorn was this bird, composed by Norwegian artist Savant.

    Facebook: video.php

    Huang said the reaction to his project has been really positive. "People love unicorns," he said.

    The clip has been retweeted almost 100,000 times, and it's been viewed more than a million times on Facebook.

    For a full explanation of how he made the unicorn, check out Huang's YouTube channel.

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