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    Uber Apologized To A Customer After He Was Charged $18,500 For A Ride

    Surge pricing is getting out of control.

    Uber has apologized and refunded a customer after charging him $18,500 for a 21-minute ride.

    Uber initially refused to correct the mistake. A customer service representative told Salama that based on the time and distance of the trip, "this fare is correct."

    "I'm no longer laughing," Salama said in a tweet demanding Uber "get their act together."

    @Uber @Uber_Support what turned out to be an honest mistake is now turning into the biggest blunder of 2017. I’m no…

    People couldn't believe it.

    Wait...this is real?! @Uber

    "How is this even technically possible?"

    How is this even technically possible? Get it together @Uber @Uber_Support and fix it.

    They also had some jokes.

    That's Canadian dollars isn't that like only $25 US?

    Will that be cash, credit, or bitcoin?

    The public shaming eventually got results.

    "There was an error and we have provided a full refund," an Uber spokesperson told BuzzFeed Canada. "We sincerely apologize to this rider for his experience."

    Uber blamed the mistake on driver error, saying an incorrect amount was accidentally entered into the system. (In Toronto, the company lets customers order traditional taxi cabs through the app, with the fare calculated on the car's meter.)

    Uber said it's also reaching out to the customer service rep who handled the complaint to figure out what happened.

    "Thank you to everyone who tweeted and retweeted about my magical $18,500 Uber ride," Salama said after he got his refund and apology.

    Thank you to everyone who tweeted and retweeted about my magical $18,500 @Uber ride. @Uber_Support has refunded the…

    BuzzFeed Canada reached out to Salama for comment.