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    If You Visit Peggys Cove, Stay Off The Damn Rocks

    "Keep off black rocks."

    Peggys Cove is one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

    But it can also be very dangerous and people are known to get themselves into trouble on the rocks.

    Despite warnings to keep a safe distance, the temptation is too hard to resist for some people.

    The Nova Scotia government has said it won't put up any fences to keep thrill-seekers away.

    A Twitter account is now calling out people who needlessly endanger themselves by venturing out onto the rocks.

    So uh, any thoughts, Charles Darwin? #peggyscove #moronsofpeggyscove

    The account identifies "Morons of Peggys Cove" who are tempting fate.

    And yes, a lot of these people are acting like morons.

    According to a Facebook post, they wanted to "put their feet in that beautiful calm water!" Hrm. #moronsofpeggyscove

    "Hey honey. Do you think that could kill me?" "Nah." (Photo from Facebook.) #moronsofpeggyscove #peggyscove

    Others have also started contributing to the effort.

    @MoronsOfTheCove - a photo I took a few years ago but a timeless message - Waaay Too Close!!! #danger #ocean #waves

    Do you not see how eagerly the sea churns for your soul???

    @MoronsOfTheCove Peggy's Cove is terribly beautiful. I hate looking for families' loved ones there.

    Reached via Twitter DM on Tuesday, the man behind the @MoronsOfTheCove account said he just wants people to stay safe.

    Lovely forecast! Gonna a busy weekend! But if you see someone get too close, yell at them: "Step back and don't die."

    "There are warning signs but it would seem not everyone is seeing them or they're just not getting the message," he told BuzzFeed Canada.

    The Nova Scotian who runs the account, who did not wish to identify himself, said that while he's not a Peggys Cove resident he visits frequently and was shocked during a recent visit at how many approached the water's edge only days after a person had been swept in.

    "My group actually had to yell at some folks to tell them to step away."

    @MoronsOfTheCove gained hundreds more followers after a CTV News segment about the account aired earlier this week.

    Eh, what could possibly go wrong? #moronsofpeggyscove #peggyscove

    "Generally, the feedback has been very positive," he told BuzzFeed Canada. "The vast majority of folks have been onside with the sentiment."

    Some, though, have accused the account of blaming the victims of tragedy, though @MoronsOfTheCove says that was not his intention.

    "If nothing else, I think this account has got people talking about safety at Peggys Cove," he said. If no one is ever hurt there again, I'll be happy (whether this account has helped or not)."

    So, to recap...

    1. Enjoy the awesome view.

    2. Stay off the damn rocks!