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Someone Changed A Road Sign In Regina To Read “Honk If You Luv Titties” And The City Is Not Happy

"It's basically vandalism to public property."

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The City of Regina is updating its electronic road sign passwords after one was changed recently to read "Honk If You Luv Titties." / Via

The message was up for several hours before city workers changed it back to a warning about road closures, Global News reported.

The city suspects the whole thing was an inside job, likely one of about 40 people who know the password to access and alter the road signs. The old passwords have been changed and the city is investigating.

Also @CityofRegina says this was an 'inside job' as it required a password. Passwords changed this morning. @CBCSask

It's also possible to bypass the password altogether, according to instructions found online.

Norman Kyle, the city's director of transportation, told reporters the vandalism was no laughing matter. "It's basically vandalism to public property," he said.

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