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This Magazine Is Asking Men To Pay More For The Same Issue And People Have A Lot Of Feelings About It

Naturally, everyone had a calm and measured reaction to this.

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Maclean's magazine is asking men to pay 26% more than women for the latest issue in order to bring attention to the pay gap.

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Maclean's is putting out two covers for its March issue that highlight the different prices: $6.99 for women and $8.81 for men.

The monthly Canadian magazine says it wants to contribute to the ongoing conversation about sexism and workplace discrimination by focusing on pay equity. The issue has more than a dozen stories on the topic.

According to Statistics Canada, the annual salaries of full-time working women in Canada are significantly less than their male counterparts' — about 74 cents to the dollar. That shrinks to 87 cents when comparing hourly wages, but the gap persists.

Many people are applauding Maclean's for taking on this issue.


The magazine is even picking up new subscribers.

I had never subscribed to a print magazine nor newspaper before, @macleans . This month's thought-provoking and bol…

Although some people are keen to miss the point.

supporting equal rights..... by not being equal????

Or ignore the facts altogether.

The gender pay gap doesn't exist.

People certainly have a lot of ~feelings~ about the cover.

Anyway, just another fine day on the internet.


Maclean's says it will donate proceeds from the higher-priced issue to Indspire, a charity that invests in Indigenous education.

Also — although it might seem obvious — people can buy whichever version they want.

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