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    This Singer Asked Brown Girls To Come To The Front And Some White People Got Mad

    Lido Pimienta had invited "brown girls to the front," but some people objected.

    A Halifax music festival has apologized for the "overt racism" of a white festival volunteer who refused to move when singer Lido Pimienta invited "brown girls to the front."

    "We will not accept this behaviour and neither should you," Dudka wrote in a Facebook post on behalf of the festival. "Be responsible for your friends — talk to them and support them as they move towards unpacking their racism."

    Facebook: halifaxpopexplosion

    Dudka also apologized directly to Pimienta, describing the volunteer's behaviour as "aggressive and racist."

    "We have so much respect for the art and music you create and the space you make for women, people of colour, transgender, and non-binary people. The way you interact with the world acts and provides a thoughtful example."

    Although the Facebook post doesn't provide details about the incident, The Canadian Press reports that the volunteer was a photographer for the festival, and she refused to give up her spot near the stage where she had been documenting the performance.

    The photographer has been banned from volunteering with the festival in future.

    Pimiento addressed the incident on Twitter, saying she was getting angry messages for inviting people of colour to move up. "The gag is that I've been doing it for long and I'm not going to stop," she tweeted.

    My show at @HalifaxPopX still has some people riled up/angry at me. The gag is that I’ve been doing it for long and…