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    Same-Day Medical Marijuana Delivery, Coming To A Canadian City Near You

    It's never been easier to get medical pot in Canada.

    Good news! If you buy your medical marijuana legally, you can now get same-day delivery of your weed right to your door in Toronto and Calgary (with more cities to come).

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    Two of Canada's licensed producers — the handful of companies that have government approval for growing and selling medical pot — announced same-day delivery this week. They are Toronto-based Bedrocan Canada and Aurora Cannabis, which has its growing facility in Alberta.

    Up until now, these producers have mainly been using Canada Post to deliver their goods to customers. The law specifically prohibits them from operating storefronts, which means you have to order your stuff without being able to inspect it, and it can take a couple days before it reaches you.

    “We use Canada Post for a lot of our packages, but being located in Toronto we have pretty huge logistical advantage," Jordan Sinclair, spokesperson for Bedrocan, told BuzzFeed Canada. "Lots of our customers are there, so we think we can offer this service.”

    The stricter regulations on these licensed producers, along with the expectation that recreational marijuana will be legalized in Canada in the next few years, has led to a boom in dispensaries across Canada.

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    According to the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, there are about 350 dispensaries in the country.

    The dispensaries are still technically illegal, but many cities have been turning a blind eye to them or even regulating them, as in Vancouver.

    Sinclair said Bedrocan's same-day delivery plans are not directly in response to competition from dispensaries, "but it’s important to know what the differences are.”

    "The more people realize that storefronts aren’t part of the legal system, the less likely they are to support it,” he said.

    But not everyone sees dispensaries and licensed producers as being at odds. Cam Battley, a senior vice-president at Aurora, told BuzzFeed Canada his company is "very close to the cannabis community."

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    “Yes there is a real proliferation of dispensaries, particularly in Toronto right now. But we’re quite comfortable with that because we’re based in Vancouver,” he said.

    He said dispensaries "pioneered medical cannabis in Canada" and are an important part of the industry that works better for some patients.

    “If that works for them, that’s their decision to make. But we’re finding no difficulty with signing patients up, and our medical cannabis is of outstanding quality,” he said.

    Battley said that Aurora plans to launch same-day delivery in Edmonton next, eventually serving an area encompassing 2.5 million people in Alberta.

    “There are patients who, when they need their product, they need it in a hurry,” he said.

    Bottom line: It's good to be in the weed business these days.

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