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Someone Yelled The N-Word At This Black Actor While He Was Filming A PSA

Jesse Lipscombe made it very awkward for the man.

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A Canadian actor who was filming a video about his hometown was interrupted by someone shouting the n-word at him from a car.

Jesse Lipscombe was shooting a PSA this week about about why downtown Edmonton is great when someone in a nearby car yelled "The niggers are coming! The niggers are coming!"

Lipscombe walked up to the car, which was stopped at the light, and opened the passenger door to confront the people inside.

Jesse Lipscombe / Facebook

He posted video of his confrontation to Facebook, writing that he asked the man who had hurled the slur at him to "say it again to my 6'3, 260 lb face."

The man, visibly agitated in the video and cursing at Lipscombe, slammed the door and the car sped away.

"We keep rolling as they speed away still shouting the same thing," Lipscombe wrote.

Lipscombe's video has been shared thousands of times, and many commenters are thanking him for shining a light on the often unacknowledged racism that exists in Canada.

Facebook: video.php

Lipscombe told BuzzFeed News that the response has been overwhelming.

“Vastly positive feedback thus far — and not just feedback, but real concerned questions of ‘What can I do?’” he said.

He said racism in Canada can be easy to ignore because it bubbles under the surface, with people able to explain it away as isolated incidents that don’t affect them personally.

“But these things happen.”

Many have been inspired by Lipscombe's calm reaction in the face of such open hatred.

@thelipscombe You showed remarkable restraint.I would have decked the ass. We really hope you never see that in #yeg ever again. Take care🙏

Others are demanding better of their city.

This is not the #yeg I know and love. Thank you @thelipscombe for standing up to these cowards.

Lipscombe met with Edmonton mayor Don Iveson a day after the racist incident to talk about combatting hateful attitudes. Their initiative aims to "make it awkward" for racists by telling them their views are unacceptable.

When you witness a social injustice or ignorance, stand up and #MakeItAwkward @doniveson @JuliaLipscombe

“It’s really turning into good people — all sexes and races and sexual orientations — working together," Lipscombe said. "When we see injustice, what can we do to stop it from happening?”

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