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The Hero Who Stopped An Attack On A Train Got The Best Christmas Gift

Jake Taylor is the real MVP.

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Taylor was the only person on a crowded Vancouver train to help when 18-year-old Noor Fadel was assaulted by an older man who she said threatened to "kill me and all Muslims."

Taylor pushed the man away from Fadel and stayed with her as she reported the incident to authorities.

Filmmaker Muhammad Lila, who launched the crowdfunding campaign, said Taylor never asked for money, but he still felt his intervention was worth celebrating.

"If you're Canadian, you know Jake exemplified the best of who we are," Lila wrote on the fundraising page. "He stood up for a defenceless stranger, and didn't ask for anything in return."


Lila then flew to Vancouver to surprise Taylor.

Remember that guy in Vancouver who stepped up to save a young Muslim girl who was being attacked? Yeah. We just g…

"Yeah. We just gave him the best Christmas ever," Lila tweeted.

His gift also included letters of thanks from people around the world who were inspired by Taylor's selflessness.

"One of the most memorable nights of my life," Fadel said on Facebook.

Facebook: noorfadel8

Fadel said she had never been more blessed and thanked everyone for the support they had shown her and for "all the love" for Taylor.

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