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    This Amazing Dog Saved His Owner From A Black Bear

    Good boy, Pacer. Good boy!

    This is Reid Roberts. He's a 46-year-old physical education teacher in Prince George, British Columbia. He's also an avid trail runner.

    Reid Roberts

    And this is his guardian angel, Pacer, who saved Roberts from an angry black bear last week.

    Reid Roberts

    Roberts says it's not uncommon to see bears around Prince George. In fact, just a day before the attack, he and Pacer had been out for a run and Pacer had chased another bear away.

    But this time would be different, and had it not been for his 3-year-old border collie, he might not have survived.

    Roberts and Pacer were out for a run in the Forests for the World provincial park. They had only made it about 50 metres from the parking lot when a black bear stormed out of the bushes and into their path.

    Reid Roberts

    "The bear came out and instantly turned on me. It wasn't even slightly interested in Pacer," Roberts told BuzzFeed Canada.

    Roberts said the bear had her head down and ears back, clearly ready to attack. He says he remembers thinking, "Holy shit, this is going to go down."

    Roberts said he tried to stay calm, slowly walking backward while yelling and waving his arms. But the bear swatted at him and he tripped, falling onto his back.

    Reid Roberts

    The bear clawed his side but not too deeply. Roberts said that while still on his back, he started kicking furiously at the bear's head in an attempt to stave off worse injuries.

    "I might've kicked her three or four times," Roberts said.

    But Pacer wasn't about to let some pissed-off bear kill his owner. The dog barked and bit the bear from behind until she turned her attention away from Roberts.

    Reid Roberts

    Pacer had to do this multiple times until the bear finally gave up on the teacher and chased the dog down the trail. This let Roberts collect himself and survey the damage.

    "I remember looking down and seeing blood just spurting out. She must've hit a pretty major artery." His left hand was injured and he left blood all over a tree and on the ground.

    Reid Roberts

    When he didn't see the bear return, he wrapped up his hand and started thinking about getting to safety.

    (This is a photo he took a couple days later, when he tried to retrace his steps during his standoff with the bear.)

    He called 911 and got rushed to the hospital. He ended up getting 16 stitches in his hand, and there may have been nerve damage. But he knows it could have been much, much worse without his trusty sidekick there.

    Reid Roberts

    For his part, Pacer ended up running to the home of Roberts' regular running partner and waiting there.

    Roberts said he would love to know what his furry friend was thinking at the time of the attack, but he'll settle for just knowing he's there for him.

    Reid Roberts

    The black bear was later euthanized by animal control, and her two cubs (which Roberts never saw during the attack, but assumes were close by) were tranquilized and moved to a wildlife shelter.

    Roberts says he's gotten some negative feedback since he first shared his story on Facebook, with people saying he orphaned the bears because he was reckless. Others say he should have kept Pacer on a leash, and that he forced the bear to attack.

    But he says those people don't know what they're talking about.

    "The dog did not provoke the attack," he said. "If not for Pacer, I would have been mauled on the trail."

    "Without any question whatsoever, he is a hero beyond belief."

    Reid Roberts

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