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A Halifax Brewery's Branded Condoms Were Seized At The Border As Unlicensed Medical Devices

The condoms are approved in the U.S., but not Canada.

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Health Canada stopped a Halifax brewery's condom shipment from the U.S. because they didn't have the right to bring "medical devices" into Canada.

Good Robot Brewing / Facebook

The Good Robot Brewing Company had ordered 100 branded condoms from a North Carolina-based company that makes condoms with custom designs on them.

Graphic Armor has approval from the American Food and Drug Administration to make these condoms. But the company does not, apparently, have the same approval from Health Canada.

Good Robot got a notice from Health Canada that their condoms were seized at the border because they violated Canadian rules on importing medical equipment.

That's right. Latex condoms are very complicated medical devices, according to Health Canada.

"We laughed uncontrollably for about two and a half minutes," Josh Counsil, one of Good Robot's co-founders, told CBC News.

The brewery already has other branded giveaways, like these matches, and the owners thought condoms would make a good addition.

Instagram: @goodrobotbrew

"It was kind of disappointing," Counsil said. "I mean American and Canadian regulations pertaining to something like condoms are so similar that you wouldn't think it would be an issue."

How ever will they cope?

Instagram: @goodrobotbrew

BuzzFeed Canada has reached out to the brewery for comment.

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