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This Conservative MP Called Canada's Environment Minister "Climate Barbie"


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A Conservative politician has publicly apologized for using a sexist nickname for Catherine McKenna, Canada's environment minister.


Saskatchewan MP Gerry Ritz has a history of making baffling comments related to climate change. He has also been highly critical of the Liberal government's environmental policies.

McKenna called Ritz out for the Barbie comment. "Do you use that sexist language about your daughter, mother, sister?"

Do you use that sexist language about your daughter, mother, sister? We need more women in politics. Your sexist co…


Many people said it was indicative of a political culture that's hostile to women.

Wondering why women struggle in politics? Former Minister referring to Canada's very skilled Minister for Environme…

"Sexist and demeaning."

@GerryRitzMP @Polkameister @ExpatJake Seriously? Disagree by all means, but don't refer to a Minister of the Crown…

Also, Barbie happens to be more accomplished than Gerry Ritz, so....

why is 'barbie" an insult barbie's had more successful careers than @GerryRitzMP could dream of barbie's been president, a-hole #cndpoli

After several hours, Ritz deleted his tweet and apologized.

I apologize for the use of Barbie, it is not reflective of the role the Minister plays

Ritz recently announced his retirement from federal politics. His last day in Parliament is Oct. 2.

He was one of the most enduring members of Stephen Harper's cabinet, serving as agriculture minister for eight years until the Conservative government was ousted in 2015.

In 2008, during a listeriosis outbreak tied to Maple Leaf meat products that killed 22 people, he famously joked: "This is like a death by a thousand cuts. Or should I say cold cuts."

When informed of a recent death in Prince Edward Island, he said he hoped it was Liberal MP Wayne Easter.

McKenna thanked everyone who spoke out on her behalf: "I love my job. But some days it's hard."

Thanks to everyone who has my back. I love my job. But some days it's hard. It matters that you call people out. 👏👍💪😊

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