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This Calgary Woman's Ultrasound Showed Her Unborn Baby Giving A Thumbs Up

*Fonzie voice*: Ayyy!

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An expecting mother in Calgary got an interesting surprise at her last ultrasound appointment. Nicole Kim told the Calgary Sun she was having routine photos taken of her unborn baby when the technician spotted something odd. “Look, the baby is giving you the thumbs-up,” the technician told her.

PHOTO: Unborn Calgary baby gives mom a big thumbs up #yyc Best ultrasound ever?

The technician zoomed in on the little fist and took a photo, which the she printed out for the parents.

Kim views it as a good omen, especially after her husband was laid off from his job in the oil industry.

“My hubby was laid off four months ago and we found out we were pregnant with our third baby right after," she told Global News. "This photo tells me that yes, everything is going to be all right."

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Kim also found out the sex of her next baby from the ultrasound. The couple already have two sons, and this will be their third.

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