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An Awesome Couple Actually Changed Their Last Name To Awesome

Keeping up with the Awesomes.

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A Regina couple decided to both change their last names when they got married. Wes Nairne and Bernadette Greffard are now Wes and Bernadette Awesome.

The happy Saskatchewan couple told CBC News they used "The Awesomes" as their caller ID when they lived in Moose Jaw several years ago. They even named their pet chihuahua Chicken Nugget Awesome.

When they decided to get married, both Wes and Bernadette were reluctant to change their last names.

"I didn't want to change my name and she didn't want change her name so we decided maybe we should change it to Awesome," Wes Awesome told CBC. "I was being serious. She thought I was joking."

She was eventually convinced it was real, and most of Wes and Bernadette's friends and family found out about the name change at the wedding.

The hardest part of the name change, though, was convincing Facebook it was real.

“In order to change our names on Facebook, we had to send in three pieces of government ID, because apparently ‘Awesome’ isn’t a valid last name,” Wes told Postmedia News.

According to Facebook's names policy, "pretending to be anything or anyone isn't allowed" and the company accepts a wide range of identification to confirm people are who (or what) they say they are.

But Facebook now confirms: Wes and Bernadette are Awesome.

BuzzFeed Canada reached out to both Wes and Bernadette Awesome for comment. We will update this post if we hear back.

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