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This Canadian Family Is Offering A Cash Reward To The Thieves Who Burgled Their Home

Melissa and Leighton Sealey are offering a reward for the return of baby photos.

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An Edmonton couple whose home was burgled say they don't care about the stuff that was taken, but they do want the return of some photos. And they're offering the thieves a reward to get them back.

Melissa and Leighton Sealey's house was robbed in early December, just days after they moved in, according to CTV Edmonton. But the Sealeys say they're not angry because it's clear to them the thieves acted out of desperation.

The thieves took items that could be pawned off for some quick cash, including an electric guitar and some electronics. But they also raided the fridge, which the Sealeys say shows they're not bad people.

CTV Edmonton

"They took some frozen chicken, French fries, ketchup, snap peas, bread, and sausage," Leighton Sealey told CTV.

"It tells us that they were desperate for food."

In an interview with the Huffington Post Alberta, the couple said some formal clothes that you might wear to a job interview were also missing, as were specific shades of nail polish.

Melissa Sealey posted on Facebook that she didn't care about the monetary value of the items, and she even wants to give the thieves more money if they return photos of her children that she says are irreplaceable.

A sign in the Sealeys' window offers the people who robbed them a cash reward for the photos, and the couple say they have no intention of getting the police involved.

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"To those who robbed us on Monday December 7: A reward will be given for the return of the SD cards that were in the camera + the camera bag. Please return them as they have pictures of our kids on them. Thank you!"

"I don't think these were bad people," Leighton Sealey told CTV Edmonton. "I think these were desperate people that, they don't know what to do and they need to feed their family and get some money."

BuzzFeed Canada has reached out to the couple for comment.

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