Edmonton Is In Love With This Donair Shop Owner Who Fed A Hungry Man For Free

    Jumbo Donair, jumbo heart.

    People in Edmonton are flocking to the Jumbo Donair shop after a Facebook post about the owner's act of kindness went viral.

    MacKenzie Bradvold / Facebook / Via facebook.com

    MacKenzie Brandvold described the encounter on Facebook. She said she was eating at the restaurant with her father when a young man who "wasn't in the best shape" came in and said he didn't have any money for food.

    "The owner's reply, with no hesitation, 'if you're hungry, I give you food.'" Brandvold wrote.

    "This warmed my heart. Not only did he give this man a free meal, he made me realize we can't judge people based on their circumstances."

    She asked her friends to share the post and visit the restaurant. "Help this man put more food in hungry people's belly."

    Tons of people answered the call, and Brandvold's post was shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter.

    Way to go Jumbo Donair! Great example of a kind heart. Let's support this biz, go buy lunch there! https://t.co/I2Or86R0Ai #yeg #yegnews

    Visit Jumbo Donair 66 St. , Edmonton & enjoy the hospitality of Maher. He is a blessing & helps feed the homeless > https://t.co/sSsq6Eomyp

    Before Maher Taweel even knew why, customers started crowding into his small donair shop ordering food and thanking him for his generosity.

    CBC News / Via cbc.ca

    "Yesterday was very, very busy," Taweel told BuzzFeed Canada.

    He said business up 'til now has been "steady" but not as busy as he'd like. But he sold three days' worth of food in a single night after the Facebook post brought him a new wave of customers.

    "It's good like that. We need it," he said.

    It also helps that the food looks fucking amazing, tbh.


    Taweel, who moved to Canada from Palestine 14 years ago, said it was just a part of his culture to share with the needy. He said he has been giving away free meals for a long time.

    "Always I do it, actually. Even at home, I give to neighbours if I have [extra] food," he said.

    "This is normal for us anyway. Serious. This is how we grow up."

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