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    This Poor Dog Was Stuck In A Drainage Pipe For A Whole Week By Himself

    Good boy, Edgar. Good boy.

    This is Edgar, a four-year-old black retriever mix who is super happy to be back with his humans after being stuck in a drainage pipe for a week.

    Lucas Ryan / Imgur / Via

    Edgar's family in Cincinnati made an Imgur album about the whole saga.

    Edgar and his pal Oscar both disappeared one night, and the next day only Oscar came back. Their owners Juli and Sean Ryan told WKRC TV they have taken off together before, but they've always returned as a pair. This time was different.

    Lucas Ryan / Imgur / Via

    “In the morning I headed out to work and opened the garage door and there's Oscar but it's just Oscar,” Sean Ryan told the TV station.

    (Oscar's the cutie in red.)

    The family put up missing posters, called animal control, and searched every night, but after a week they still had no word about Edgar's fate.

    Lucas Ryan / Imgur / Via

    It was also really stormy that week, and Edgar is a bit of a scaredy-cat during storms, giving the family even more to worry about. Things were looking grim.

    Then, one day, Sean Ryan was out for a walk in the neighbourhood when he thought he heard something familiar. Was that his dog? Ryan poked his head into a drainage pipe and that's when he saw his pal, stuck inside and barking for help.

    Lucas Ryan / Imgur
    Sean Ryan / Facebook

    Ryan called 911 and some firefighters came to cut away sections of the pipe.

    "Somehow he managed to travel about 90 feet before another smaller pipe intersected the larger pipe and prevented him from going any farther," Ryan wrote on Facebook. "He had about another 20 [feet] to go."

    This is the moment Edgar emerged from the drainage pipe he was stuck in for a week. Shaken, but all right.

    Lucas Ryan / Imgur / Via

    "So many things could have gone wrong for him," Ryan said. "I shudder every time I think about it."

    Edgar had some sores and infections, and he was generally pretty tired from his ordeal. But it was nothing the vet couldn't handle.

    Lucas Ryan / Imgur / Via

    Edgar is back home and regaining his strength. And after what he went through, this brave dog deserves a nice long rest.

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