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Two Guys Rescued This Scared Deer After It Got Stranded On A Frozen Lake

A daring rescue over their lunch break.

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Two electricians in Ontario used their lunch break to save a deer that was stranded on a frozen lake.

Jay Wells

Jay Wells and Pete Rennie were working on a cottage overlooking Stoney Lake, just north of Peterborough. As they sat down for lunch, they looked out at the lake and saw a mysterious object out on the ice.

It "wasn't making any noise and moving very little," Wells told BuzzFeed Canada.

"So we walked a ways around the shore to get a better look and noticed it was a deer."

After calling the Ontario wildlife ministry and being told there was nothing they could do, the two men took matters into their own hands.

Jay Wells

"We thought maybe to lasso it with a rope and drag it to shore, but thought it would be best for the animal just to use our hands," Wells said.

They grabbed a hold of the deer's hind legs and slowly pulled her back toward the shore as their friend Tom Stanley filmed.

Jay Wells

They were worried about catching a stray kick from the trapped animal, but once they got a good grip of her hind legs and headed for shore, Wells said "it was almost as if [the deer] knew we were there to help, so she seemed to give up the fight."

Once they reached the shore, the men gave the deer "one good pull" back onto land and got out of the way "because of how unstable we knew she'd be."

Jay Wells

As the deer ran off, she struggled to hold her weight on her weakened legs and seemed scared.

After panicking for a few seconds, though, the deer "stopped and seemed to pull herself together, and slowly walk away seemingly unharmed," Wells said.

Watch the whole heroic rescue.

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