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    This Leafs Fan Became A Hilarious Meme After Cameras Caught Him With A Dart In His Mouth

    Jason Maskalow is the hero Leafs Nation deserves.

    On Saturday, as the Toronto Maple Leafs won their first playoff game in years, the cameras caught this amazing fan in the stands with a cigarette in his mouth.

    Sportsnet / Via

    And so, Dart Guy was born.

    You're not a real Leafs fan unless you change your profile picture to this...

    He quickly became an unofficial Leafs mascot, into whom fans poured many of their hopes and dreams of playoff glory.

    Dart Guy's whole head is a work of art.

    The things we do for our team. #BecauseItsTheCup #StanleyCup

    Yes, that's a Stanley Cup mohawk.

    @felixpotvin you know this is on the top of my man's head right

    On Twitter, dozens — maybe hundreds — of fans immediately changed their avatars to Dart Guy, because why not?

    And then the memes started.

    we have a new six god @mlse @atf13atf @thejustinfisher @felixpotvin

    Toronto sports fans are ready.

    Join me, and we'll rule the galaxy as father and son

    It didn't take long for someone to put him on the CN Tower.

    And on the money.

    The new Canada 150 five dollar bill is lit

    The Lord and Saviour.


    It got pretty weird.

    It's going to be okay, Dart Guy is here.

    Even Dart Guy (real name Jason Maskalow) got in on the action.

    Replacing Don Cherry with Dart Guy would not be the worst idea in the world, tbh.

    By the laws of the internet, there's bound to be some kind of Dart Guy backlash, but hopefully we still have a few more days of just being able to enjoy this.

    For now, Maskalow and Leafs Nation have fully embraced this moment. You do you, Dart Guy!

    Thank you for all the love Twitter!!!!#TorontoMapleLeafs #StandWitness #CBC #cigs


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