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This Man Wrote His Own Funny Obituary And It Will Inspire You

RIP Shannon Leonard Churchill.

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A man who penned his own funny obituary said his only regret was missing the end of Coronation Street.

Shannon Leonard Churchill said he died of colon cancer "peacefully at home" in late January at age 44.

Shannon Leonard Churchill

Shannon Leonard Churchill

"Stuff has been trying to kill me for years and it was colon cancer that finally got me," he wrote in the obituary published in the St. John's Telegram.

Churchill was originally from Newfoundland but lived with his wife in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, according to the Canadian Press.

"I'm survived by everyone who is still here and I'm predeceased by everyone who isn't. I had a great life with too few regrets to even be sure they really existed," he said.

"My only regret is that I will not know how Coronation Street will end," he said of the long-running British soap that has been on television for almost six decades.

Churchill also had some advice for those reading his obituary. He said his relatively early death was proof that life is short, and he encouraged people to make the most of it.

He said he had many years of "enjoying the freedom of motorcycle riding" and spending time with loved ones. He also said he married his best friend and was in a cage with a lion — though he added that the two were not the same thing.

"So get off your butts and live those lives while you still have them and make sure you really think of what you want to matter on those last days," Churchill wrote. "I bet it won't be the colour or the model of your car."

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