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A Man Accidentally Bear Sprayed His Junk And Got Naked To Wash It Off With Milk


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Cops in Penticton, British Columbia, came across a naked man last week who was furiously washing himself with milk at a gas station.

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Officers from the local RCMP detachment received a call around 2 a.m. about a man in distress, Corporal Don Wrigglesworth told BuzzFeed News. When they arrived on the scene, they found the man "only wearing his running shoes" and scrubbing his genitals with his shirt and milk he had bought from the gas station.

The man told police he was in excruciating pain after being attacked with bear spray by three unknown assailants.

"Further investigation revealed this male may not have been completely forthcoming, and the spray pattern was consistent with him actually having his own bear spray go off on his person."


The man, whom police have not identified, was treated by paramedics, cleaned up and clothed, then sent on his way.

Strangely enough, police were called to a house just 15 minutes later where, according to the Penticton Herald, five people were rolling around outside in agony after they, too, had gotten bear sprayed.

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