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A Canadian Bouncer Showed What A Nightmare It Is Working On New Year's Eve

"I'm on the list!"

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A Canadian nightclub bouncer wore a GoPro camera for his entire shift on New Year's Eve, and the footage proves there's few jobs worse than being the sober guy who has to maintain order as everyone around you gets stupid drunk.

Peter Williams

Peter Williams, 25, filmed his shift while watching the doors at the Gatsby nightclub in London, Ontario. He told BuzzFeed Canada his camera was just for protection.

"I knew there was a much higher likelihood of fights happening that night so I wanted to be better safe than sorry in case something happened where I was accused of excessive force," he said.

The nine-minute video is a rare look at the sort of stuff bouncers deal with on a daily basis, such as...


This guy who claimed his coat check ticket was... in his coat?

Peter Williams / Via

"That's literally impossible," Williams told him.

"So you give them your coat and then they give you a ticket. They already have your coat by the time you have the ticket, so there's literally no possible way for you to put that ticket in your coat."

"What people don't understand about the job is we deal with situations like that every single night," Williams said.

His video has been viewed more than two million times since Jan. 1, and he says there were lots of "very, very bad fights" he left out of the final cut.

"After seeing the video go viral I am glad I did not include them. I was not aiming to embarrass or incriminate anyone," he said.

Williams also said people can be very "crafty" when it comes to getting past bouncers.

Gatsby nightclub / Via Facebook: GatsbyLdn

"Everything from hobbling over eight-foot fences and falling on their face on the other side to being offered money, drugs, and sexual favours."

He said he is often offered money by people desperate to get inside the club, but he always gives people a figure higher than $10,000 "because if I was gonna lose my job anyway I might as well make it worthwhile."

Watch the full video:

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Peter Williams / Via

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