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People Covered Their Faces And Showed Up To Bus Stops In Montreal To Protest Bill 62

The new law forces people to uncover their faces to receive government services — including taking the bus.

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Montrealers are covering their faces to protest Bill 62, Quebec's "religious neutrality" law that was passed this week.

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The law requires people to uncover their faces while receiving any government services — including taking a bus.

Although no religious group or religious garment is mentioned explicitly in the legislation, the main target appears to be Muslim women who wear a niqab or burqa.

Dozens of people showed up to bus stops on Friday with their faces covered.

#loi62 manifestation contre l’Islamophobie et le sexism à Parc et St. Viateur ce matin

The new law is so broadly written that scarves, hoods, and even large sunglasses that cover too much of your face can get you in trouble.

Manif contre le project de #loi62 /protest against #bill62

Protesters held signs calling for the government to stop policing women's choices.

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This bus driver showed his support by wearing a surgical mask on the job.

A #Montreal bus driver shows his solidarity with #Muslim women under attack by #Quebec's #racist face covering ban

According to CBC Montreal, other drivers showed their support by honking for the protesters.

The union representing Montreal transit workers has said Bill 62 doesn't have enough clarity on enforcement, leaving frontline staff in the uncomfortable position of deciding who gets a ride and who doesn't.

People have already been mocking the new law on social media.

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"So if I'm on the bus in #quebec and something stinks, this would be illegal?" this person asked on Instagram.

And this woman brilliantly skewered the new law with a number of different looks.

Instagram: @angieokcheng

What is even happening in the bottom-left photo?

More protests against Bill 62 are already in the works.

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A Facebook event calling for a massive demonstration in Montreal "against hatred and racism" on Nov. 12 already has more than 1,200 people saying they'll attend. Dozens of organizations are co-sponsoring the event.

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