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Everyone Is Falling In Love With These Happy Bhangra Dancers At Peggys Cove

"We just want to make people aware of who we are and where we come from using our dancing.”

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This video of two bhangra dancers showing off their moves at an iconic Canadian landmark is becoming a huge international hit.

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The Maritime Bhangra Group has been dancing together for a few years, but only came up with a name this summer.

A few weeks ago, some of them were visiting the famous lighthouse at Peggys Cove in Nova Scotia when the idea struck them to shoot a video on the rocks by the water.

"It was just another video," Hasmeet Singh, the group's manager, told BuzzFeed News. But almost immediately after they uploaded it to Facebook, they knew this was going to be different.

The video has now been viewed a half million times, and booking requests have been pouring in from across Canada and elsewhere.

“We have requests from all over the world," Singh said. "It’s all going really fast.”

Maritime Bhangra Group

Singh said the men in the group mostly met as international students studying in Halifax, and bhangra music and dancing was a way for them to stay connected with their Punjabi roots.

“It’s one thing that can make us feel like being home away from home," he said. "It’s what we used to do back home, and now we can get together and practice the things that always used to bring us together back then.”

Still, the success of the Peggys Cove video has been a surprise to them.

“We were shocked. We knew we were not doing anything special. There are bhangra teams in Toronto, in Vancouver, in the United States, and we have no shame in saying they do a much better job than we do.”

Just look at that choreography, not to mention the beautiful backdrop.

Maritime Bhangra Group / Via

Singh said he also hopes the attention can be a learning opportunity.

“We feel the need of educating people on why we look like this, why we speak another language, why we have different clothing," he said, adding that there are many stereotypes and misconception about Sikh people.

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