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    This Bear Walked Into A Family's House And Wouldn't Leave Until Someone Punched It On The Nose

    Things got pretty hairy.

    Police say a man punched this aggressive black bear on the nose while chasing it out of a family's house in Gibsons, British Columbia.

    Sunshine Coast RCMP / Via

    According to the Sunshine Coast RCMP, Elery Froude and her two young sons were inside the house in the early evening when the black bear entered the family's home through a sliding glass door.

    Froude locked herself and her kids in a bedroom while the bear roamed the house, "going into most of the rooms and drooling all over her dining room table."

    A family friend who happened to be at the house tried to corral the bear out of the home by banging pots and shaking chairs at it. Eventually, he got the bear about halfway out the door but it refused to leave. That's when the man gave it a good punch on the nose.

    “The bear jerked its head back and he slammed the slider and he locked it,” Froude told the Vancouver Sun.

    The bear was still pawing at the door and chewing on the screen when police arrived.

    Sunshine Coast RCMP / Via

    The cops used air horns to scare the bear back into the bushes, but it soon returned to try to get into the garage. According to the RCMP, the bear chased another man down the street before he managed to jump into his truck for safety.

    The bear's aggressive behaviour and evident lack of fear of humans sealed its fate. After police consulted with conservation officers, they decided the bear was too dangerous, and that it had to be put down.

    It was a close call, but the family friend's quick thinking likely saved the day.

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