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A Regina High School Holds The Most Adorable Annual Dance For Senior Citizens


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The tradition was started by an English teacher 28 years ago. Her Grade 12 students invited senior citizens from the community for an evening dance.

Balfour Collegiate

It soon became an annual event involving the whole school, and something everybody looks forward to, according to Raeleen Fehr-Rose. She's the coordinator at the school's teen mom program, and she helps organize the annual dance.

Although the dance is still the main event, students also put on a variety show beforehand. "It's a combination of drama, dance, visual arts. They usually put on a few different numbers," said Fehr-Rose.


The evening is so popular that it crosses the boundaries of the school's usual cliques, Fehr-Rose said. "I've had a number of athletes tell me this is the event in the school year they look forward to the most. Same with the artistic students."

Balfour Collegiate

This year, due to provincial budget cuts to education, the school was in danger of having to cancel the event. An online fundraiser to raise $2,600 for the dance ended up raising more than $3,100.

A single Balfour alumnus anonymously donated $2,000 to keep the event alive.

Most of the seniors who come to the dance are from nearby low-income housing complexes, and the dance represents a rare opportunity for them to get out and meet younger people. "Otherwise they tend to be shut-ins in the evenings."

Balfour Collegiate.

And it also gives the students a chance to meet some amazing older folks. "I've had students asking me for about three weeks when I'm going to be asking for volunteers," Fehr-Rose said.

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